Frequently Asked Questions

Home Page

1. I just registered, why am I getting an error message when I try to sign on?
There may be a delay of up to five minutes before the registration is activated
2. How do I delete partial filings?
Filings will be saved for 30 days after which they will be automatically deleted.
3. When will the _________ form be available for online filing?
We are working diligently to have all BCCO forms available for online filing. We are unable to provide an availability date for any specific form.
4. How do I change my user profile information?
You may view and update your user information at

Form Screens

1. Can I use the tabs to advance instead of the save and continue buttons?
To ensure proper filing you should always use the save and continue button.
2. There is no microfilm number or purpose reflected on the Business Details tab and I can't enter anything.
The information on the Business Details tab reflects what is currently on record in the bureau's database. If these fields are blank the information is contained on the actual documents and was not data entered in a previous application.
3. I was interrupted while in the middle of entering a filing and now I'm back at the home screen. Why and how do I get the information back?
The application is designed to time out after 20 minutes of inactivity. The form started is available on the home page under the partially completed filings. Click the 'Continue Filing' button to continue with that form.
4. I have entered organizers/owners/incorporators but am getting an error message that at least one organizer/owner/incorporator must be entered.
You must click on the "Add" button after entering the information. After doing so the information will be displayed at the top of the screen.

Shopping Cart/Payment

1. How long will filings remain in the shopping cart?
Filings will be saved for 30 days after which they will be automatically deleted.
2. I just added a filing to my shopping cart but it isn't showing in my partial business filings
Once a filing has been added to the shopping cart it will not be available under the partial business filings. It can be located in the shopping cart.
3. What will happen if I remove a filing from my shopping cart?
When a filing is removed from the shopping cart it will be placed in the partial business filings on your home screen.
4. Why is my credit card not accepted? / Why am I getting an error message when attempting payment?
A) If the billing name or address for the card do not match the user name and address displayed, the card will not be approved. To change the billing address, click on the "Enter a different address" radio button to enter the credit card billing address B) multiple attempts within two minutes will result in the credit card being rejected by the Commonwealth's credit card software C) the credit card has reached the maximum amount permitted.
5. Is my credit card information stored in the application?
Credit card information is not stored or retained by the bureau.

You may contact a bureau representative at 717-787-1057, option 2 or by email at for additional support.